Tips for Buying a Milling Machine

Put simply, a milling machine or just a mill as it is often called is a tool that uses rotary cutters for designing a material or a work piece that can be metal, plastics or other possible materials. Some of the possible tasks that can be performed by a milling machine in a metalworking shop include engraving, planning, slot cutting, cutting and drilling among others.

Milling machines are generally categorized in terms of mill orientation, the vertical mill and of course the horizontal mill. The vertical mill as the name suggests has anaxis that is vertically oriented while the horizontal mill has an axis that is horizontally oriented. It is also important to note that apart from categorizing mills in terms of their orientation; mills can also be categorized based on their method of control, power source, size and purpose.

I.Buying a new or used milling machine

Because usually milling machines are built to last longer, you can buy a used Vertical Mill or horizontal mill cheaply compared to when you have to buy a brand new one. A used vertical mill or horizontal mill can be purchased from Craigslist, local industrial auctions and of course through a number of online stores. Consider the condition of the mill.

II. Buy it in a local area

Milling machines are notoriously heavy; a light one can weigh several hundred pounds while a heavier one can weigh several thousand pounds.

Because of the weight, obviously you will have to spend on transportation which you can handle yourself or use the services of a transportation company. Understandably if the distance to be covered is less then you won’t incur a lot of transportation expense.

III. Brand matters but not that much

We usually tend to consider the brand or the company making a product when we want to purchase. The same applies to a mill but it should not matter that much. The reason being, most if not all of the companies or brands use almost the same design principles for making a high quality machine.

But the truth is also that there are mills with compromised quality and that may be because of a manufacturer trying to reduce the costs of production. A material of poor quality might be used and the lead screws may be poorly made among others.

IV. Size matters

The size of a mill matters for it to be able to function effectively and efficiently. It is always advised that if you have a large space then you buy a large and heavy mill. A large machine is able to apply force to a material without flexing which tends to ruin the machine.

In conclusion, while the factors above matter, the best way you would be able to know the appropriate mill for your needs is by practicing. It is okay if an end mill breaks, you can always replace it with the parts bought. It is when you will know the types of end mills and of course their feeds and the speeds that are suitable for you.

Metal Lathe: Importance and uses

With the economy shrinking thinner than normal budgets, those high prices are more frustrating than ever. That is one of the causes why many people actively pursue bargains in the form of used tools.

At this time, someone is considering buying a used metal lathe for the same reason. That can be a great idea if the buyer handles things the right way. Here are some solid steel suggestions for those who consider buying a used metal lathe.


Any professional or “do it yourself” will tell you how important it is to respect one’s tools. The great-maintained equipment works good and lasts longer.

You should look for evidence of that perspective when buying a used metal lathe. Does it seem that the tool has been treated with respect and with the commitment to maintain its performance? Signs of wear are not necessarily reasons for rejecting a used metal lathe, but there are signs of disrespect.

Be careful before buying a dirty tool or a metal lathe with damaged items that have not been repaired. Even a frayed power cord can be a significant signal.

You may think you are getting a good price on a lathe at once, but a previously abused tool may not be able to do the job. The probability of a complete failure is also high.

Check the label

We all know that different companies have different quality standards. With very few exceptions, you get what you pay for. The best tools cost money and carry the decals of recognized and respected brands. These manufacturers establish priorities for performance and reliability.

On the other hand, bargain companies often produce lighter equipment that does not stand the test of time. If you are looking for a used metal lathe that you can use over and over again, you will stay away from these reduced price offers, even when the price is attractive.

Check the label. Buy the good. You do not need to settle your standards because you are buying used equipment. Do not confuse the economy with despair. You can find used brand metal lathes at bearable prices. You may have to look a little more, but it’s worth the effort.

Give it a try

If possible, place the used metal lathe through the steps. Ask for the opportunity to turn on the equipment and see it working. You do not want to waste your money on a good looking vise that does not turn!

Do not assume that a lathe will work and you are not satisfied with the seller’s warranty. Get a way to test the lathe before finalizing the deal.

If you look for signs of proper care, concentrate on high-quality products and test the equipment before buying it, you can find a great deal on a used metal lathe.

Metal Lathe Machines Discovered

Metal Lathe

A metal lathe is probably a generic term currently associated with all kinds of different types of metalwork lathes.The type of machines available starts from the most basic metal work enthusiast to the complex metal work lathes used in the industry.

Centering: this is usually a second head piece that pierces the workpiece from either end as it rotates at high speed. From this, it is common that the portion advances in the production process towards another operation.

Bank – this type of machine could be classified as an amateur lathe more, as it fits easily in a workbench. However, it has complete functions and is larger than a small or mini lathe.

Turret: used mainly for the production of repeated parts. It operates with a tower that contains the tools that are part of multiple cutting operations. Once configured, there is little need for operator intervention. This type of metalwork lathe may have CNC lathe technology applied.

Gang Tool: this is a lathe very similar to the turret, except that it operates more linearly than the turret that is rotary.

Metal Lathes

While metal lathes are mostly used for industrial purposes, nowadays they have also started to be employed by craftsmen and hobbyists from all over the world. Many people who are interested in more than simple woodworking, such as maybe creating a small steam engine or an internal combustion engine, will need to get a metal lathe in order to complete the job.

If you’ve never worked with – or even seen – a metal lathe, the experience of getting a used metal lathes for sale can be an intimidating thought. This is because the machine is not a typical craft item and the literature on the web on it is not much geared towards crafts and hobbies, but more towards industrial and commercial purposes. So finding what you really need to buy as a hobbyist might be a daunting task without proper research.

Things To Consider When Buying a Used Metal Lathes

RespectAny professional or do-it-yourself will tell you how important it is to respect one’s tools. The well-maintained equipment works better and lasts longer. You should take pride in the way you treat your tools.

You should look for evidence of that perspective when purchasing a used metal lathe. Does the tool look as though it’s been treated with respect and with a commitment to maintaining its performance? Signs of wear and tear aren’t necessarily reasons to reject a used lathe, but indications of disrespect certainly are.

Be careful before purchasing a dirty tool or a metal lathe with damaged elements that haven’t been repaired. Even a frayed power cord can be a warning sign.

You might think you’re getting a great deal on a beat-up lathe, but a previously mistreated tool may not be capable of getting the job done. The likelihood of a complete breakdown is high, as well.

Check the Label

We all know that different manufacturers have different quality standards. With very few exceptions, one gets what he or she pays for. The best tools cost money and bear the stickers of well-recognized and respected brands. These manufacturers make performance and reliability priorities.

Also, deal organizations regularly produce lighter weight hardware that doesn’t stand last for long.. If you’re looking for a used metal lathes for sale you’ll be able to use again and again; you’ll stay away from these cut-rate offerings–even when the price is attractive.

Check the label. Buy the good stuff. You don’t need to compromise your standards because you’re purchasing used equipment. Don’t confuse economy with desperation.

If possible, put the used metal lathe through the paces. Ask for a chance to turn on the equipment and to see it in operation. You don’t want to squander your money on a good looking lathe that doesn’t turn!

Don’t assume that a lathe will work and don’t be satisfied with an assurance from the seller. Find a way to test the lathe before finalizing the deal.

If you look for signs of appropriate care, focus on high-quality products and test equipment before purchase, you can find a great deal on a used metal lathe.

Here’s why you need a CNC lathe for your business

Do you own a business that specializes in the production of high volume parts that need to hold tight tolerances?

If yes, then CNC lathes or turning centers are your best friends. Not just regular lathes that are used for individual household work but CNC lathes or automated lathes in other words. These lathes are complex machines which are controlled by a computer and can produce large quantities of items in a relatively short period of time, thus providing you with the luxury of optimizing your production and enhancing your business. This may be the reason that so many production companies are already using these complex machines on a regular basis as it not only provides bulk quantity but even the quality is not compromised upon. The precision that is achieved by these computerized lathes can never be achieved by a human hand.

CNC lathes were first invented by Mr. John .T. Parsons sometime during the 40’s. Of course, the machines that we use now are much more modernized but his machine acted as a prototype in creating the modern lathes. CNC lathes can efficiently create a large number of designs on versatile materials such as plastic, wood, glass or metal, thus giving way to more and more production opportunities for your business. You can understand however that since these machines are so complex and useful; the cost might also pinch your pocket a little. This is why if you are a small business owner or you do not wish to invest so much in these machines right away, you can always opt a for a used lathe for sale! That is correct; you can now easily find second-hand lathes online so that you can save up on that production cost even though they are a one-time investment.

CNC lathes are created in such a marvelous way that their working facilitates resourceful functions such as glass working, metal spinning, wood turning, parts reclamation, metal working, thermal spraying and so on. You can truly never go wrong with a CNC lathe. Although these machines are so helpful to production, since they are computer driven, it is advisable to either hire a trained expert or thoroughly train an employee to operate the machine because there are different codes to be fed into the machine for different functions so even the slightest inconsistencies in feeding the right data into the machine can cause major problems in the finished product. Also if not used correctly, the safety of the employees might be compromised. Therefore the employee must be instructed clearly about the operational and safety measures. But once the expertise in operating is achieved, you will never look back.

Lathes just like any other machines differ in size and capacity so if you have smaller things to produce than smaller lathes should do the job while if your production unit handles the production of larger products like furniture and so on, you need larger lathes. It is very important to identify the needs of your business so that you don’t end up spending more or less than you should. Lathes play a key role in a number of industries ranging from automotive to aerospace to sporting to electronics to firearm manufacturing and so on. CNC lathes that create three dimensional objects cost more as they are more complex as compared to lathes that are in charge of producing flat surfaced objects. Surely reading the above should have convinced you into realizing how essential lathes are for your business, if so then look for used lathe for sale now!

What You Should Know About Vertical Milling Machines?

The vertical milling machines were developed for machining the metals and all other solid materials. These are automated machines to carve out the materials according to a pre-defined path. The contemporary milling machines are CNC-operated. A vertical mill is used for performing multiple operations and they can carve materials ranging from small to large objects. These multitasking machines are capable of milling and turning the materials. They have a cutter installed on them to remove the materials from the assembly. Different tool heads are installed for varied machining needs. You can invest in a used vertical mill for better operations and cost savings.

The Construction of Vertical Milling Machines:

These machines have a vertical spindle axis and the mill rotates on this same axis. You can easily extend this spindle for performing functions like cutting and drilling. This mill can be categorized as Bed Mill and Turret Mill. The Turret Mill has a table perpendicular and parallel to the spindle axis for cutting the angle. The spindle remains stationary and facilitates two cutting methods. On the other hand, bed mill has a table that moves perpendicular to the spindle axis and movement of spindle is parallel to the axis.

The Features of Vertical Milling Machines:

For improved industrial performances, you can invest in a vertical mill having high-end features. The cutters in these machines can be tilted in two directions for better functionality. You can replace the spindle of these machines easily using a high-speed cutter. This way, a used vertical mill can facilitate end milling. Also, in these milling machines, the mill fence can be tilted for maximal contact with the assembly’s surface. These fences can be laterally shifted to fit the tool size. The carriage should be stable for enabling precision processing.

The Phases of Cutting Performed by Vertical Mill:

The process of cutting includes three main phases, viz. milling cutters, surface finishing, and gang finishing.

Milling Process:

Multiple cutting tools are used for this process. Milling cutters used in vertical milling machines have specialized cutting surfaces. It facilitates their installation on the work piece after drilling. Also, they have extended cutting surfaces on both the sides. These cutters are made from highly resistant and durable materials.

Surface Finishing:

The materials passing through cutting area have regular intervals. There are regular ridges on the side cutters. The distance between these ridges depends on the diameter of a cutter, feed rate, quantity of the cutting surfaces.

Gang Milling:

Under this phase, cutters can perform a single operation or distinctive operations depending on the applications. This process is critical to duplicate machining.

You should ideally buy these machines from a reliable manufacturer. They offer high-quality machining for precision and better performances. The heavy cast iron table offers stability and durability in this process.

Top 4 Advantages Offered By A Milling Machine

At present various industries are utilizing milling machines particularly in the fields of automotive and construction. Milling actually refers to a material customization as well as removal procedure which enable the users to make different kinds of materials while getting rid of any unwanted ones. Below, we will mention some significant benefits provided by the milling machines.

1. Extremely accurate

These milling machines are typically 100% accurate and the precision is ensured by the programs needed to operate them which in turn guarantee that the items produced are of top quality. A high degree of positional accuracy, as well as repeatability, is offered by this milling process.

2. Helps to save our precious time

As a matter of fact, this milling procedure helps us to manufacture different types of materials as well as products with maximum efficiency. In order to save time, it is important to use the machines properly and also make the required planning prior to using them. In this way, we are able to perform seamless manufacturing without requiring stopping at regular intervals for adjusting the particular machine. Moreover, every single piece is exactly identical after the production process. The quality of those pieces also will not be altered by the manufacturing process.

3. The process is quite simple to comprehend

It is not at all difficult to understand the milling procedure and almost anybody can do it. You simply need to program in the complicated machining tasks and it is not imperative to comprehend the complexity of the procedure for manufacturing the items. Although the programming does vary with regards to complexity, the software experts will usually handle the programming procedure. You will come across sophisticated controls with this machine which are rather simple to use so long as user comprehends the basic functioning of the machine. In fact, no manual working will be required for the more complicated aspects of the process which will take place after the programming. This helps to save a considerable amount of time in case you would like to train somebody regarding how to use the milling process.

Milling machines can be classified into 2 basic categories, namely, vertical and horizontal. In case you would like to come across a used vertical mill you can visit Otherwise, will also be a great site where you will find a competent used vertical mill.

4. Produce multiple items

A wide range of materials are required for the manufacturing business and the milling machines have the ability to work with many of those like plastic, metal, and wood. This helps the workers to trim and shape the materials without sacrificing quality as well as efficiency. Since it is possible to work with more than one material, workers will be able to use this machine extensively with the capability of multitasking and producing multiple items.


Thus it is evident from the discussion that users of milling machines take the benefits of a high level of convenience and precision. However, it is imperative to ensure that the machine fits the needs of the user while every replacement part must match a particular machine which is used by a person.

Features and Usages of Brother TC32b

Have you ever heard about the Brother TC32b? Do you want to know what exactly it is and why you need one? The TC32b is a high-performance column traverse machine that comes with the leading edge of thirty machining capabilities and up to forty tool storage capacities to enable high productivity. It comes in two types, two-faced turntable machine, and large fixed table machine. These are used to respond to a variety of production systems such as automated lines and multiple part machining. This large machine is equipped with a 12.1-inch color display and four controlled axes. These features ensure double tilt indexing and high accuracy finishing and mode.

This machine can be used for multiple purposes. One can use this for the expansion of target work pieces, enhanced productivity, improved operability, and improved reliability.

Expansion of target work pieces

It is a 26 or 40 -tool magazine that offers the largest storage capacity among the available TC models. This storage capacity enables the machine to support multiple tools including multi-face machining that leads to process integration. Besides, tool replacements will not be required for the machining of different products and the user will not need to changes the setup frequently.

Better productivity: It provides a fast traverse rate of 70 m/min, X-axis acceleration of 1.2G, Z-axis acceleration of 1.5G, and ATC time of 2.0 seconds to offer high productivity.

Enhanced operability: This large CNC machine is easy to operate and provides improved operability as well. The machine offers better operability with 12.1 color displays, USB interface, menu programming, and much more.

Reliability: The machine room and the machine area are completely separated. And it uses a center through structure and chip conveyor to manage a lot of chips and also prevents any error caused by the chip.
You can get all the above facilities from the brother tc32b. If you are interested to know about the features of the brother tc32b, consider the following.

Features of tc32b: This huge machine is used for the large work pieces and for multi parts machining. You will also find that the table rigidity has been improved considerably. As mentioned earlier, you will find two types of machines namely large fixed table machine and two-faced turntable machine. Both these types of machines can be used to respond to different production systems that include automated lines or multiple parts machining.

Another feature is that it is equipped with the 12.1-inch color display with four controlled axes that enable double tilt indexing and high accuracy and finishing off the minute lines. It offers outstanding speed as well. You can expect 2.1 seconds speed after the spindle reaches the maximum level of speed. It will be achieved through spindle acceleration, improvement of rapid feed rate, ATC operation, and spindle operation.

The tool storage capacity and the tool change time will vary depending on the use of the tools. And the tool will change the time depending on the spindle type. Spindle motor outputs will differ depending on the spindle speed.

CNC machinery and its benefits

CNC machinery has fathomed a long path since the age of punch cards operating only Numerical Control Machinery. With the evolution of computers and associated programming languages, use of CAD and CAM has been evolved proving a safer and better work environment with more precision. Using CNC machinery now industrial tasks are accomplished with more precision, more accuracy, less human errors and within lesser time. Thus the use of CNC machinery seems to be a better proposition these days as far as industrial automation is concerned.

There are a lot of machines which get discarded only for minor glitches and even for modernization from large corporations/ industries. Although not all of these machines are out of date; and in fact, many of this CNC machinery that are used can be effectively used for production and other tasks offering quite a favorable business set-up. If chosen properly, CNC machinery can reduce the cost to fractions, and can help in a major way for the business start-ups. There are many vendors an offering used machinery, which is well-inspected by qualified engineers for their functionality and usability. As these machineries are used-ones, they also are priced appropriately or auctioned for better bargains.

Business start-ups usually come up with a less experienced framework to work on an idea of business. At this moment, there is lesser availability of funds for investment in new machinery. And also any start-up business is unsure about the outcomes of the business and thus there is a greater risk involved financially with every start-up business.

Under such circumstances, if a start-up is opting for good quality inspected and used CNC machinery that can help in the following manner:

Lesser costs: The first and foremost advantage of CNC machinery that has been used is the cost factor. They are often available at a fraction of the new machine costs and can also be bargained for in an auction. Not necessarily every used machine is a non-functional one, but with appropriate maintenance and a little repair work, these used machines can do the fantastic job as per the need of the business.

Insurance cost is less: For CNC machinery, the cost of insurance is also less as depreciation plays a major role. This also facilitates funding and investment for a start-up business with used machinery.

Lesser overheads: Used machinery demands for less maintenance and trial run, as they often come from ex-working conditions. This reduces operational overheads adding to further lessening of investment for a business start-up.

Better operational value: As these used CNC machinery are already passed a few hours of operation, they are effective against malfunctions and thus offers a direct proposition to be immediate use.

They are widely available: CNC machinery is widely available with global buyers/ sellers, who can be accessed and ordered online. Depending upon the nature of deals they can be purchased through these used machinery vendors helping start-ups to get their desired machine-tools.

Not only the cost factor but with an informed choice, CNC machinery could be a good idea for any start-up business. Once, the business is established, and marketing channels are setup with good revenue, this machinery can be replaced with newly improved machinery furthering the business expansion.

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