Nov 8, 2016 CNC Machinery

Everything You Need To Know About Used Lathes

A lathe is a compilation of tools which are capable of mechanically machining pieces through the revolution. Its work is simple: It rotates the piece in question, holding it in the head of the machine or fixing it in the centering points, while other cutting tools are advancing constantly on the surface, cutting the material and leaving the chip after itself, according to the patterns to follow for the development of machining of the piece to be made.

Development of the lathe for metal in the current industry:

A lathe is an essential machine for all types of industrial machining processes. The tool that produces the cut goes on a car or rails that move parallel to the Z axis. Another car, which moves along another axis, called the X-axis, is the one that moves in the radial direction with respect to the turned part. In some models, there is also a supplementary axis, which can be tilted to make cones and other more complex shapes. In the movement of the main carriage, along with the axis of rotation, the work called as displacement is performed, while in the movement of the transversal carriage, perpendicular to the axis of symmetry, the facing is produced.

Different types of lathes for metal and their applications:

The simplest lathes are the famous parallel lathes. These have a third auxiliary car, whose mechanism is manual at the same time as rotating or tilting. This car is called as a chariot, on which the tool-holder tower is attached, while the chariot is coupled to the transversal car, thus being able to develop conical shapes.

Different types of control:

Parallel lathes are part of the category of conventional lathes. Other types of lathes with respect to the type of control are the automatic lathes by numerical control, more known like CNC lathes and the lathes of fixed cycles that represent the economic version of the CNC. Several types of lathes can have one of these types of control.

Types of particular lathes:

Among the various types of lathes stand out the automatic lathes with the feeding of bars, which allow automated machining thanks to the storage of bars and a system for feeding them. There are also revolver lathes and several types of vertical lathes. Heavy vertical lathes are designed to machine large pieces, which are fixed to the plate or by other systems because their clamping is much more complicated to perform. The revolving lathes reduce the working time considerably since it allows the simultaneous work of several different tools.

Buy used lathes:

The sale of second-hand lathes is a process through which companies and small workshops can supply their machinery needs taking advantage of offers. There are many companies have used lathes for sale. The prices that these used lathes reach in the purchase process allow that the acquisition of these machines can be done without having to invest a large amount of money in their purchase, taking into account the market price that is handled by first-hand machines.

The advantages of buying used lathes:

Used lathes for sale by means of the acquisition of a pre-owned lathe, with a cheap price, the needs of machinery for different production processes can be met. For example, buying a second-hand used lathe with CNC technology is a good formula to obtain machinery to increase the production capacity and the precision of finishing when carrying out serial work and machining of complex parts. A lathe for second-hand metal will offer the necessary benefits for a good machining of metals.

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