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Features and Usages of Brother TC32b

Have you ever heard about the Brother TC32b? Do you want to know what exactly it is and why you need one? The TC32b is a high-performance column traverse machine that comes with the leading edge of thirty machining capabilities and up to forty tool storage capacities to enable high productivity. It comes in two types, two-faced turntable machine, and large fixed table machine. These are used to respond to a variety of production systems such as automated lines and multiple part machining. This large machine is equipped with a 12.1-inch color display and four controlled axes. These features ensure double tilt indexing and high accuracy finishing and mode.

This machine can be used for multiple purposes. One can use this for the expansion of target work pieces, enhanced productivity, improved operability, and improved reliability.

Expansion of target work pieces

It is a 26 or 40 -tool magazine that offers the largest storage capacity among the available TC models. This storage capacity enables the machine to support multiple tools including multi-face machining that leads to process integration. Besides, tool replacements will not be required for the machining of different products and the user will not need to changes the setup frequently.

Better productivity: It provides a fast traverse rate of 70 m/min, X-axis acceleration of 1.2G, Z-axis acceleration of 1.5G, and ATC time of 2.0 seconds to offer high productivity.

Enhanced operability: This large CNC machine is easy to operate and provides improved operability as well. The machine offers better operability with 12.1 color displays, USB interface, menu programming, and much more.

Reliability: The machine room and the machine area are completely separated. And it uses a center through structure and chip conveyor to manage a lot of chips and also prevents any error caused by the chip. You can get all the above facilities from the brother tc32b. If you are interested to know about the features of the brother tc32b, consider the following.

Features of tc32b: This huge machine is used for the large work pieces and for multi parts machining. You will also find that the table rigidity has been improved considerably. As mentioned earlier, you will find two types of machines namely large fixed table machine and two-faced turntable machine. Both these types of machines can be used to respond to different production systems that include automated lines or multiple parts machining.

Another feature is that it is equipped with the 12.1-inch color display with four controlled axes that enable double tilt indexing and high accuracy and finishing off the minute lines. It offers outstanding speed as well. You can expect 2.1 seconds speed after the spindle reaches the maximum level of speed. It will be achieved through spindle acceleration, improvement of rapid feed rate, ATC operation, and spindle operation.

The tool storage capacity and the tool change time will vary depending on the use of the tools. And the tool will change the time depending on the spindle type. Spindle motor outputs will differ depending on the spindle speed.

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