Nov 8, 2016 Machine

Here’s why you need a CNC lathe for your business

Do you own a business that specializes in the production of high volume parts that need to hold tight tolerances?

If yes, then CNC lathes or turning centers are your best friends. Not just regular lathes that are used for individual household work but CNC lathes or automated lathes in other words. These lathes are complex machines which are controlled by a computer and can produce large quantities of items in a relatively short period of time, thus providing you with the luxury of optimizing your production and enhancing your business. This may be the reason that so many production companies are already using these complex machines on a regular basis as it not only provides bulk quantity but even the quality is not compromised upon. The precision that is achieved by these computerized lathes can never be achieved by a human hand.

CNC lathes were first invented by Mr. John .T. Parsons sometime during the 40’s. Of course, the machines that we use now are much more modernized but his machine acted as a prototype in creating the modern lathes. CNC lathes can efficiently create a large number of designs on versatile materials such as plastic, wood, glass or metal, thus giving way to more and more production opportunities for your business. You can understand however that since these machines are so complex and useful; the cost might also pinch your pocket a little. This is why if you are a small business owner or you do not wish to invest so much in these machines right away, you can always opt a for a used lathe for sale! That is correct; you can now easily find second-hand lathes online so that you can save up on that production cost even though they are a one-time investment.

CNC lathes are created in such a marvelous way that their working facilitates resourceful functions such as glass working, metal spinning, wood turning, parts reclamation, metal working, thermal spraying and so on. You can truly never go wrong with a CNC lathe. Although these machines are so helpful to production, since they are computer driven, it is advisable to either hire a trained expert or thoroughly train an employee to operate the machine because there are different codes to be fed into the machine for different functions so even the slightest inconsistencies in feeding the right data into the machine can cause major problems in the finished product. Also if not used correctly, the safety of the employees might be compromised. Therefore the employee must be instructed clearly about the operational and safety measures. But once the expertise in operating is achieved, you will never look back.

Lathes just like any other machines differ in size and capacity so if you have smaller things to produce than smaller lathes should do the job while if your production unit handles the production of larger products like furniture and so on, you need larger lathes. It is very important to identify the needs of your business so that you don’t end up spending more or less than you should. Lathes play a key role in a number of industries ranging from automotive to aerospace to sporting to electronics to firearm manufacturing and so on. CNC lathes that create three dimensional objects cost more as they are more complex as compared to lathes that are in charge of producing flat surfaced objects. Surely reading the above should have convinced you into realizing how essential lathes are for your business, if so then look for used lathe for sale now!

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