2018 Kitamura Mycenter HX250iG 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Barrington, IL

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Kitamura Arumatik-Mi CNC Control, (2) Station Pallet Changer with (2) 254mm x 254mm Pallets, 30,000 Max RPM
Dual Contact HSK E40 Taper Spindle Option, 4-Axis Simultaneous Machining with Full 4th Axis, Renishaw OMP 40-2
Parts Probe System, Blum Laser Controller Tool Detection System, Pre-Plumed for Through Spindle Coolant, Remote
Jog Pendant, 40 Station Twin-Arm Tool Changer, Dual Diakin Inverter Chillers, Rigid Tapping, Tool Monitoring, 113
Gallon Coolant Tank, USB Port, Enomoto Bea Co. Chip Conveyor System, (2) 4-Sided Tombstones with 5th Axis
Brand V562M Vises and (2) Shop Built Tombstones Included, Machine Manuals. *Note: Chip Blaster Unit and Mist
Collector in Photos Not Included*


ModelMycenter HX250iG 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Stock NumberSIL-8660
X-Axis travel12"
Y-Axis travel12"
Z-Axis travel13"
Spindle TaperSpindle Taper HSK E40 Option
Pallet IndexingFull 4th
Max Pallet Load220 lbs
Spindle Speed30,000 RPM
Tool Changer Capacity40 Station Twin-Arm Tool Changer
Spindle Motor15 HP
Number of Pallets2